Features Of Baakhapaa

The company works with innovative mindset but with inclusiveness with clients ideologies to bring the best outcomes. Our services will bring in a new dimension to our client’s business or company. Each project is custom built by understanding the goals and objectives of the clients because we believe in projects that stand out but with a certain goal and motive.

  • react-native


    React is an open-source UI software development kit created by Facebook for Web and Mobile application.

  • flutter


    Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google for mobile application.

  • Laravel


    Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax.

  • Film Making

    We create content for brand and advertisement for our client as per their vision.

  • Python


    Its language constructs as well as its object-oriented approach aim to help programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects.

  • Figma


    Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool which is primarily web-based, with additional offline features enabled by desktop applications for macOS and Windows.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    We build and manage professional profile of our clients and promote it to right audiance in multiple social media platforms.


Structured Management softwares: Our team studies the market and your business ideologies to create a suitable system structure that your application can be built upon.


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BAAKHAPAA lets you watch videos and earn money, gifts and services through your smartphone! Watch the videos and answer the questions related to the video to earn digital money that can be used to buy giftcards from the application. The giftcards might contain cash prizes, services, discounts, apparels and much more.

Baakhapaa is not your typical video streaming application. It integrates gaming experience along with the video streaming service, in order to educate people about the content’s meaning.

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